"The won and the lost day" - 6 continents, 12 artists
29.02.2012 - 18.03.2012 / Kunsthalle Faust

Under the slogan “The won and the lost day” arose on February 29, 2008, an intercalary day, a global art project. For that reason the turkish-german artist Yasemin Yilmaz asked 12 artists from six continents for an artistic contribution. Globalization – Connections – Time illuminates the time-wise uniqueness of that day from different cultural and social angles. Beginning with actual daily newspapers, being published in different countries on February 29, 2008, the so called “One-day-artworks” captured personal experiences, political and social events of the day and besides the influence of the respective environment. The artists had free choices regarding the material and the technique to use. The size of the artwork was also an individual decision. The conceptual presets from Yilmaz were: Reading the actual daily newspaper and incorporating its date into the artwork. Furthermore the artists should not leave their surroundings respectively theirs countries. They were encouraged to finish the work within the 24 hours of February 29, 2008. This way the artists and theirs artworks are depicting the parallelism of global events. They present theirs individual artistic reflection on site in the most minimal way. The spectator is introduced to a snapshot of today’s world taken from an orbital perspective.

Since 2009 the complete artwork is on world tour and was on display in the participating countries Morocco, Namibia, Romania, India, Argentina, Bolivia and the USA. In the intercalary year 2012, the project will be on view in Germany for the first time. The complete artwork will be presented with twelve original artworks and artistic statements, a photo documentation showing the artworks and their evolution together with portrait photos featuring the artists. There will be additional background information like the respective original newspapers, interviews with the artists and a shortcut of the day from Earth TV.

Globalization – Connections – Time does not only come alive by means of multilayered presentation: In the course of the 48 hours inauguration (February 28, thirteen o’clock, until March 01, thirteen o’clock) 12 artists will be partaking via skype. Due to time zones, there are 48 hours between the beginning of the intercalary day in Oceania and its end. The Kunsthalle Faust will be open to the public during these 48 hours, providing a diverse supporting programme outside the regular opening hours.

Project Snowball
In the local limited 24 hours during the leap year 2012 twelve artists around the world works about “Snowball”. Climate, climate change, childhood memories, colours, condition, form, movement – these were the first associations. The artists are exempted in which coherence they deal with the topic and which materials they use for. While one period of time (project 2008) ends in Kunsthalle Faust, a new quadrennial period of time starts in the world.

more informations:

Mountassir Chemao (Marokko), One day, one place, one artist
Perla Bajder (Argentinien), Your inside and your outside is in
Cecile Heystek (Namibia), Floating in an arid landscape
Rathin Kanji (Indien), Who committed the crime?
Yasemin Yilmaz (Deutschland), Hannover 29.02.2008

Involved artists:
Doc Ross (New Zealand), Sarah Robson (Australia), Rathin Kanji (India), Talal Moualla (United Arab Emirates), Stefan Balog (Romania), Yasemin Yilmaz (Germany), Cecile Heystek (Namibia), Mountassir Chemao (Morocco), Perla Bajder (Argentina), Raquel Schwartz (Bolivia), Paul Campbell (USA) und Patricia Goodrich (USA)

Involved Artist Project Snowball 2012:
James Speers (New Zealand), Cherine Fahd (Australia), Vincent J,F. Huang (Taiwan), Hassan Meer (Sultanate of Oman), Cecilia Ferreira (Mozambic), Lionel Smit (South Africa), Topp & Dubio (Netherlands), Octavi R. Olazaguirre (Spain), Alejandra G. Soca (Uruguay), Marco Simola (Peru), Patrick Cauvin (Haiti), Indra Arriaga (USA)

Globalization – Connections – Time
Duration of the exhibition: 29th February – 18th March 2012
Opening: Wednesday, 29th February, 19 o’clock
Worldwide skype-conversation: 28th February, 13 o’clock – 1th March, 13 o’clock

Opening hours: Thursday – Friday 16-20 o’clock, Saturday – Sunday 14-18 o’clock
Entry-fee: 3 Euro, reduced entry-fee: 2 Euro

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