Multimedia contemporary art in China, Chinese-german joint ventures in the field of tension global developments A contribution to the Year of Chinese Culture in Germany 2012
23.04.2012 - 03.06.2012 / Kunsthalle Faust

The exhibition Jetlag will address the impact that China’s rapid economic development is having on society and its citizens’ state of mind. Within the scope of the Year of Chinese Culture in Germany and on the occasion of the partnership between China and the 2012 Hannover Industrial Trade Fair, Chinese and german artists will be presenting their multimedia stances on 5,000 m² of exhibition space in Hall 6 of the fair and at the Kunsthalle Faust. Based on joint ventures, a selection of German artists will develop artistic supplements to or their own concepts on groups of themes. Globalization is the perceived and visible result of a worldwide communication phenomenon that avails itself of the ubiquity of multimedia networks and that is generated from rapidly changing locations in virtual space and countless flights through real space. Air travelers bring changes to the destination of their desires. They affect the environment that hosts guests and their ideas from abroad, and they affect travelers themselves due to the time difference and the influence it has on their bodies and minds.

Jet lag is a disruption to the sleep-wake cycle that occurs when an air traveler moves through several time zones and his or her internal clock cannot adapt in the short-term to a new local time. The recommended treatment is acclimation to the destination’s time zone. Skipping time zones, with jet lag the tolerated side-affect of progressing globalization processes in the 21st century, has also found visible forms of expression in contemporary art, and it has long since caused the familiar to become discernible in the foreign.

In a broader context, this leads to changed moral concepts, cultural identities, and historical imprints. In this sense, the exhibition Jetlag makes an artistic contribution to building bridges of communication and visualizing unbiased processes of adapting to globalization and how they impact both the individual as well as society as a whole. Key words associated with China’s economic expansion, such as “mass production”, will be contrasted with diametrical terms such as “specialization”, the Western principle of

Jetlag seeks a consensus, a common denominator, whose perception and visionary potential can find expression in contemporary art. Using catch phrases such as mass production, mobility, and virtual worlds, the exhibition presents participatory projects, light installations, space-related works, photography, and video art.

A bilingual catalogue will be published in conjunction with the exhibition.

Gruppe BBM (Beobachter der Bediener von Maschinen), Installation
Rainer Maria Matysik, Installation
Timm Ulrichs:
Weng Fen:
Xu Tan:
Yuan Gong:

Involved artists:
Cai Jin, Du Lizhi, Hua Quing, Liu Guangyun, Li Xiaofei, Luo Yongjin, Weng Fen, Xiang Liqing, Xu Tan, Yang Qian, Yuan Gong, Yu Gao, Zhang Qing (China), Andrea von Lüdinghausen, BBM with BlinkenArea, Claudia Wissmann, Götz Bergmann, Hannes Malte Mahler, Ingo Lie, Rainer Maria Matysik, Rüdiger Stanko, Christiane Oppermann and Timm Ulrichs (Germany)

Exhibition dates: April 23th – June 3th
Opening: Sunday, April 22th, 7pm

Opening hours: Thursday till Friday 4–8 pm, Saturday and Sunday 2-6 pm
April 23th – April 27th 2012: 2-6 pm
Entrance: 3 Euro, reduced: 2 Euro

Prof. Peng Feng, Curator of the Chinese pavilion of the Venezia Biennale
Harro Schmidt, Kunsthalle Faust
Li Xiaofei, Director of Shanghai Fei Contemporary Art Centre

Ekkehard Kähne, Medienhaus Hannover
Li Xiaofei, Direktor of Shanghai Fei Contemporary Art Centre

Midissage: Sunday, May 20th, 7pm
Discussion about “Political art in China”. With Prof. Dr. Rolf Hüper (FH Hannover), Ekki Kaehne (Medienhaus Hannover) and Harro Schmidt (Kunsthalle Faust)

Accompanying Program:
Video Art Program of the FCAC (Fei Contemporary Art Centre, Shanghai, China) and a German short film program presented in cooperation with the Medienhaus Hannover

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Further exhibition venues:
Hannover Messe, Messehalle 6 (23.04.-27.04.12)
Opening hours: Monday till Thursday 9am-9pm , Friday 9-18
Opening and champagne reception: Monday, 23th of April, 6pm

Free share of tickets for the exhibition at Hannover Messe are available during the opening times at the Kunsthalle Faust. From Tuesday, 24th of april, until Thursday, 26th april, the exhibition stands open for visitors without trade fair tickets. Free guided tours of the exhibition at Hannover-Messe are at the 24th, 25th and 26th of april at 7pm.

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