An art project about memorizing, collecting and filing. With painting, drawing and installation by Stefan Lang, Katharina Sickert, Jens Hoff, Vera Burmester and Tom Otto
16.06.2012 - 15.07.2012 / Kunsthalle Faust

With the title Remember me! Kunsthalle Faust is presenting art works in the series Local Heroes. Thematically they think about individual and collective memory. Five artists from Hanover deal with its visualization in different media.

The pictorial concept of haziness by Stefan Lang relates to processes in our daily consciousness, trying to remember the past, a location, a room, an object. The memorized image stays diffuse, is more a feeling without sharp definition. Accordingly the artist’s choice of motif relates to places of memory, collection and archive. There are for example offices, depots or a gatehouse, that’s empty presentation quickens the search for touchable history.

Katharina Sickert talks in her drawings about the authentic. In striking form she is filing personal insights of a journey threw South East-Europe.

Jens Hoff shows in large-sized oil paintings atmospherically indoors. With help of associative titles and a few pictorial applications he achieves to charge them with memories. Repeatedly closed cabinets appear in the centre of his paintings that seem to accommodate the whole life of their inhabitants.

Vera Burmester deals with memory itself by presenting diaries of an imagined person. With this she delivers a participatory offering to visitors, to open a personal archive that seems to be infused with personal secrets.

The space-consuming installations by Tom Otto again deal with the phenomenology of sensations and their engraving. Otto uses material of daily life for his installations, often with obvious signs of use. In his narrative orchestration these items get a reassessment and consequently new meaning. Different possibilities of interpretation and associative pictorial scenes appeal to the collective subconscious as well as to personal memory.

Stefan Lang (painting), Katharina Sickert (drawing), Jens Hoff (painting), Vera Burmester (installation) und Tom Otto (installation) are referring to each other with help of purposeful choice of works, threw thematic connection, pictorial duct and their particular genre. That way a challenging, multifaceted network develops, contradicting, according or referring to collecting, memorizing and archiving.

The exhibition goes along with events of art intercession for children and teenager as well as an offering for visits of artists ateliers.

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Katharina Sickert, o.T., kleinformatige Zeichnung
Vera Burmester:
Jens Hoff:
Stefan Lang:
Tom Otto: o.T, Installation

Involved artist:
Vera Burmester, Jens Hoff, Stefan Lang, Katharina Sickert and Tom Otto

Local Heroes. LH2 – Remember me!
Exhibition dates: June, 16th – July, 15th
Opening: June, 15th, 7 pm
Finissage: July, 15th, 7pm
With Neo Trivialo XmalKlang – Performance im Auftrag von Ernst Wichtig von Wiemansnimmt: der Ernstfall tritt ein!

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