Installation, computer prints, painting and video about social presence of Indonesia, Pakistan, Turkey and Germany
10.06.2011 - 10.07.2011 / Kunsthalle Faust

In the exhibition Do it Kunsthalle Faust is presenting works taken from the Indonesian part of the Mediations Biennale in Poznan 2010 and places them into context of artistic works from Turkey, Germany and Pakistan. The exhibits aim is to display influences of the artist’s cultural background that can be seen in their artworks. Furthermore it is to proof if their point of view on their countries of heritage is in accordance with the visitor’s image, shaped by media.

The imperative “Do it” forms in Indonesian language the root for the word “governance”. Besides the similar sounding word “duit” means “money” and has the double meaning “power politics”, often used in journalistic context. “A golden key can open any door” seems to apply – at least in Indonesia. Works of the three Indonesian artists Heri Dono, Ahmad Chozaly and Made Bayak stand against this tendency by observing and giving critical or ironical comments about social changes at their isle: Heri Donos Installation “OPP/ Operation of Mind Control” aims on medial phasing of individual. In his work the surprised visitor brings with help of motion detector many in glasses placed puppets in motion. Ahmad Ghozaly creates surreal worlds with acrylic paint on huge digital prints of Indonesian banknotes. Whereas Made Bayak confronts visitors in his series “Die Schlacht von Indonesien” with forms of national pride, by encouraging them to take a snapshot of the National flag with an instant camera.

Made Bayak
Heri Dono
Ahmad Chozaly

Mehreen Murtaza enweaves with help of computers photos, drawings and textured pattern into surreal pictorial worlds. Not only is the title of the pictures applying to real life in Pakistan. In the series “Born into Eternal Training” that shows many reflection symmetry, a feeling rises reminding on books by Franz Kafka.
Fatima Saeeds shows her sense of humour and critical thinking when she sews the Pakistan national flag out of hip pockets or creates a wall-ensemble with pictures from daily life presented in pomp frames from colonial era. The filmmaker Özlem Sulak displays on many monitors documentary videos that have a sensible and very personal look on backgrounds of Turkish migrants in Germany. She is for instance going on a bus journey in wintertime. Vicarious for her grand mum Sulak travels to the families former homeland Yugoslavia in order to tell her grand mum about it afterwards. Gaby Taplick deals in her recent work progressively with socio-politically topics. Her extensive installations “Unten am Fluss” in Hanover’s public space is reflecting in creative way forms of homelessness. For Do it she will be developing a new work topically related.

Özlem Sulak
Gabi Taplick
Mehreen Murtaza

Involved artist:
Made Bayak, Heri Dono, Ahmad Ghozaly, Mehreen Murtaza, Fatima Saeed, Özlem Sulak and Gabi Taplick

Do it
Exhibition dates: June, 10th – July, 10th
Opening: June 10th, 8 pm

Opening hours: Thursday till Friday 4–8 pm, Saturday and Sunday 2-6 pm
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