International art project to the garden region in 2009
05.09.2009 - 04.10.2009 / Kunsthalle Faust

No-one trying to explore the phenomenon of ‘the garden’ can ignore Eden. There, in paradise, conditions truly were heavenly, as no work was done in the Garden of Eden! No Bible verse mentions weeding, planting potatoes or pruning trees – paradise is uncultivated land!

Boondocks (uncultivated back-country, backwoods, wilderness) tackles the theme of gardening both at its millennia-old roots and at its diverse offshoots that have sprung up in modern times. Religious, social, economic, ecological – and also aesthetic – aspects form a broad frame of reference for artists to draw on.

And the boon and bane of progress is splitting humanity right down the middle. Floods and drought are depriving entire areas of their means of subsistence, whereas elsewhere the desert is being cultivated and entire cities are emerging on palm-tree islands planted in the sea.

Boondocks will be taking a close look at ‘uncultivated back-country’ from many different angles and artistically developing this wilderness. When 20 international artists bring their own mindsets and cultural backgrounds to bear, there are virtually no bounds to creative growth. Spanning many different forms of artistic expression, they will be producing various works of ‘garden art’ at two exhibition venues, the Kunsthalle Faust art gallery and the Städtische Galerie Kubus, or bring their garden visions to fruition on bridges and shores or on the water of the river Leine. This is highly apt since, as the city’s main waterway, the Leine physically links the two exhibition venues and, as a source of nutrients for gardens and plants and of water for wells and fountains, is highly relevant to the theme.

Boondocks – Kunsthalle Faust – Städtische Galerie Kubus – public area

Vincent Huang: last penguins
Ines Doujak
Simryn Gill: a small town at the end of the century
Seamus Staunton: Reservoir I
Weng Fen: I am afraid that people never will understand each other

Involved artists:
Ines Doujak (Wien), Simryn Gill (Singapore), Weng Fen (Beijing), Helmut Dick (Amsterdam), Vincent J.F. Huang (Taipei), Gaby Taplick, Hannes Malte Mahler, Hanno Kübler, Christian Dootz (Hannover), Reinhardt Krehl, Norbert Meissner (Leipzig), Jacub Jasiukiewicz, Slawek Sobczak (Poznan), Ryutaro Fujie, Kyoko Yoshii (Hiroshima), Elodie Boutry, Patrice Marchant (Rouen), Seamus Staunton (Bristol) and others

Exhibition dates: September 5 – October 4, 2009
Opening: Friday, September 4, 2009
5 pm Städtische Galerie Kubus (afterwards walk on the river to the Kunsthalle Faust)
7.30 pm Kunsthalle Faust
Opening hours: Tuesday till Friday 4–8 pm, Saturday and Sunday 2-6 pm

Entrance: 3 Euro, reduced: 2 Euro


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