Photographic works by Weng Fen
30.08.2007 - 14.10.2007 / Kunsthalle Faust

The Kunsthalle Faust presents photographic works of Weng Fen (Weng Pei Jun), born in 1961 in Henan (China). The artist showed his works, which have made a name for themselves among circles of collectors, in numerous exhibitions in galleries and centers of arts throughout the world, also on the Shanghai Biennale 2002.

In Weng Fens photographs modernization and urbanization meet the natural landscape of his mother country China. This happens strangely indirect through protagonists, who avert the beholder’s gaze but seem to look into an insecure future.

A further highlight of this exhibition is formed by scenery shots of the English region Lake District, famous for its many lakes and mountains. In accord with the book by the Chinese writer Chiang Yee “The Silent Traveller in Lakeland“, Weng Fen toured this region together with his family, and his photographs offer a contemporary, Chinese response to this landscape .

In 1985 he finished his degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Guangzhou and now works as a lecturer at the Art College of the University of Henan.

Curated by: Gu Zhenqing and Harro Schmidt

Weng Fen: bird's-eye-shenzhen-2002
Weng Fen: Entering the river
Weng Fen: on the wall-guangzhou 2
Weng Fen: on the wall-haikou 2
Weng Fen: on the wall-shenzhen 1
Weng Fen: staring at the lake 4

Schöne Aussichten – Photographic works by Weng Fen
Thursday, August 30, to Sunday, October 14, 2007
Vernissage: Thursday, August 30, 2007, 7.30 pm, entrance free
Opening hours: Thursday and Friday 4-8 pm, Saturday and Sunday 2-6 pm
Entrance: 3 Euro, reduced: 2 Euro

Weng Fen: bird's eye view-shanghai


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