Asian and European contemporary media art
24.06.2007 - 05.08.2007 / Kunsthalle Faust
Arthur Clay - Performance
Jean Voguet, Klanginszenierung

The Kunsthalle Faust and Foro Artistico present the multicultural art exhibition ASIA-EUROPE Mediations in Hanover. In cooperation with the IF Museum Inner Spaces in Poland as well as with the Zendai MoMA Shanghai in China 24 artists will give insight into the current art scene of Asia and Europe at the Foro Artistico, the Kunsthalle Faust and in downtown’s public space. With 12 selected contemporary positions each, the “ Asian Attitude” and “European Attitude” enter into an intense artistic dialog.

Moreover ASIAEUROPE Mediations, as a comprehensive project of performances and new media art with over 100 participating artists, further takes place in Poznan and other European cities. The exhibition is accompanied by a comprehensive catalog (270 pages).

Asian Attitude:
Jin Feng, Song Dong, Wu Gaozhong, Zhang Jianhua (China), Shilpa Gupta (India), Kai Syng Tan (Singapore), Choi Eun-kyung, Choi Eun-jung, Lee Sang-min, Shin Eun-joo, Yang Tae-geun, Kang Hui-chan (Korea)

European Attitude:
Dominic Lejman, Joanna Hoffmann, Anja Tyczynska, Anna Klimczak (Poland), Volker Schreiner, Nadja Verena Marcin, Michael Zwingmann, Kwanho Yu Zwingmann (Germany), Iskender Yediler, (Turkey), Hanjal Nemeth (Hungary), Jean Voguet (France), Art Clay (Switzerland)

Iskender Yelider, T-Shirtskulptur
Choi Eun-kyung
Jin Feng, Confucius is Crying!
Lee Sang-min, Video
Wu Gaozhong

Videoscreening Programm Hannover, Poznan, Shanghai:
Christian Nolting, Norbert Meissner, Tanja Timpone, Andreas Rost, Timm Ulrichs (Deutschland), Kajsa Dahlberg (Schweden), Masha Godovannaya (Russland), Richard T. Walker, Nick Jordan (England), Jean Gabriel Period (Frankreich), Martin Zet (Tschechien), Amid Ebstein (Israel), Lida Abdul (Afghanistan), Liu Guangyun (China) u.a.

Christian Nolting, Walking Life
Timm Ulrichs, Bedrohtes Haus 2004

Sunday, July 24, to Sunday, July 22, 2007
Vernissage: Sunday, July 24, 2007, 7 pm, entrance free
Opening hours: Wednesday to Saturday 4-8 pm, Sunday 2-6 pm
Entrance: 4 Euro, reduced: 3 Euro
Guided tours every Sunday 4 pm

Further information on the exhibition on our English web pages

Opening program in Hanover on June 24, 2007:

3 pm: central station/ station forecourt:
performance „China Gates“ – Art Clay
4 pm: country court (Amtsgericht) Hanover:
sculpture course – Zhang Jianhua
sound performance – Jean Voguet
5 pm: opening at the Foro Artistico – Eisfabrik
7 pm: opening at the Kunsthalle Faust

AEM conference on July 25, 2007 at 11 am


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