A photo-report from the conflict areas of Africa with photographies by Wolf Böwig
31.03.2007 - 01.05.2007 / Kunsthalle Faust

The German photographer Wolf Böwig and the Portuguese writer Pedro Rosa Mendes tramped across the hell of Africa – as border crossers and doubting observers of human superlatives: they met death, hatred, determination, dignity, hope. In an extensive photo exhibition with accompanying texts, Böwig lets the visitor partake in the view of a continent whose people are on the verge of descending into the chaos of territorial altercations. In haunting pictures Wolf Böwig conveys his impressions of the journey to the trouble spots and the prevailing chaotic conditions there: “We searched for flowers where the forest had been set on fire.”

Böwig’s black and white photos were among others represented in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Le Monde, The Independent, New York Times and in the Stern. In cooperation with Pedro Rosa Mendes he published the book “Schwarz.Licht” (Brandes & Apsel) in 2006; a book that particularizes the experiences of his travels through West and Central Africa. The Kunsthalle Faust shows “Kurosafrica” as a stopover of a touring exhibition across Germany, the USA and Latin America.

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Saturday, March 31 to Tuesday, May 1, 2007
Vernissage: Saturday, March 31, 2007, 6 pm
Opening hours: Thursday and Friday 4-8 pm, Saturday and Sunday 2-6 pm, May 1, 2-6 pm

The exhibition will open on Saturday, March 31 at 6 pm. Heinz Balzer (office of culture Hanover) and Harro Schmidt (Kunsthalle Faust) give the salutatory speech; the American publicist Kirsten Rian an introduction.

Each Thursday, April 5, 12 and 26, at 6 pm the Kunsthalle Faust shows the documentary film “Lost Children” by Oliver Stoltz and Ali Samadi Ahadi, awarded with the German film award 2006 (Deutscher Filmpreis 2006).

On Sunday, April 22 the special event “African Diary”, where the photographer Wolf Böwig discusses about “Euro-African perspectives” with several guests in a panel discussion, takes place at the Kunsthalle. Subsequently an “African Table” invites to a buffet with short movie and live music.


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