Hanover’s new art scene in dialog with multimedia art from Rouen/France
21.01.2007 - 24.02.2007 / Kunsthalle Faust

If someone undertakes a journey, he broadens his horizon. By reflecting other worlds , he can come to know himself anew. Travelling is addictive. Low-cost airlines are effective against wanderlust. And even the stay-at-home can, in the here and now, have a close look at the most remote corners because Google Earth, webcams or our “friend” the camera phones make this possible. But nothing can take the place of a real encounter with artistic reality.

Bon Voyage invites to go on an artistic voyage of discovery and to cherish the senses. Twelve different positions from France and Germany display a whole spectrum of artistic strategies: painting, photography, installation, object, sound and video art.

Bon Voyage intentionally gives insight into the new art scene of Rouen and Hanover because the young artistic generation was selected deliberately for this exhibition project. Free from a historically confining imprint these artists look forward. In a joint presentation they demonstrate different approaches of their individual researches as well as surprisingly analog strategies.

Bon Voyage to the explorers on their own account Bettina Cohnen, Sven Giessmann, Christian Nolting, Katharina Sickert, Anja Steckling, Ilka Theurich from Hanover and Élodie Böutry, Julien Brunet, Florim Hasani, Rodolphe Mabille, Patrice Marchand, Nathalie Roussel from Rouen and to all “fellow passengers“ in Rouen and Hanover.

21.01.2007 – 24.02.2007
Vernissage: Sunday, January 21, 2007 – 11.15 am at the Städtische Galerie Kubus – 1 pm at the Kunsthalle Faust

Opening hours:
Kubus, Theodor-Lessing-Platz 2
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25.11.2006 – 05.01.2007
Grandes Galeries – Aitre Saint–Maclou
Ecole Regionale des Beaux Arts de Rouen

Bettina Cohnen
Elodie Boutry
Ilka / Rouen
Raumansicht / Rouen
Raumansicht / Rouen


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