Steam from China & China’s holy mountains
09.04.2006 - 01.05.2006 / Kunsthalle Faust
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In cooperation with the China Galerie, Bielefeld, the Kunsthalle Faust presents photographic workings of Karl Johaentges (Hanover) and Huang Qingjun (Beijing) under the title Der Weg ist das Ziel. With different series of motives, both photographers show documents from the extent of a country whose megalopolises radically change towards a modern industry.

In contrast, time seems to stand still in the rural regions far from civilization; here both photographers searched for traces.

Huang Qingjun, granted with many photo prizes, documents the recent history of Chinese railroad technology. In the eyes of European beholders, he turns his photographic attention to the approaching end of the steam engine era in a fascinatingly nostalgic manner and continues along the steel tracks of the world’s biggest rail network. The workings of the Chinese professional photographer bear witness of the fascination of the still steam-powered steel giants as well as of the landscapes that are crossed by them; they give us intimate insight into the social environment of the “railroaders”, to which only a native observer can have access. They are impressions from an era that is known to the Western world only from the museum.

Karl Johaentges, prominent and distinctive German travel and landscape photographer, focuses on the “spiritual backbone” of Chinese culture. Buddhism and Taoism did not only develop in China’s mountainous outlands, in the mountain regions this unique cultural landscape even survived the terror of the cultural revolution. The guide for the Hanoverian are the breathtaking, steep pilgrim’s paths which lead up to the peaks and solitary monasteries of the Chinese mountains like a Jacob’s ladder.

His pictorial “Chinas Heilige Berge”, published last year by Frederking & Thaler, was nominated for Germany’s Deutscher Fotobuchpreis 2006.

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Der Weg ist das Ziel
09.04.2006 – 01.05.2006
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